Call it handcrafted soap or handmade soap, natural soap or herbal soap. Whatever you call it, if you found it here, it’s made from scratch. Handmade soap – out of our hands to yours – the silkiest, gentlest, most latherful soap you can purchase.

We love pure all natural products.  Although, we mostly focus on soaps on occasion will discuss other all natural products.

We welcome you…

At www.realhandmadesoap.com, you’ll find a listing of soapmakers  – small to large companies, from all around the world, who create a large variety of soaps. You’ll discover herb-filled or just plain and simple, colored, swirled or layered soap, scented soap, unscented soap, round soap, rectangle soap, and white soap.

We operate from our kitchens, our manufacturing plants or our workshops. We market our soap retail, wholesale and private label, at stores, craft shows, and farmer’s markets, on the net and through the mail. Our client base is globally and nationwide.

A common denominator is, and one that sets our site apart from others, that our soapmakers don’t apply a pre-manufactured melt & pour base. Each and every soap maker found here in www.realhandmadesoap.com creates their handmade soap entirely from scratch!

Our soapmakers start with raw ingredients and they can and will be delighted to describe all the ingredients and describe the procedure they use to manufacture their soaps.

So sit back, click on our links and find out about our trade. We’re proud to help take soapmaking to the next level using time-honored traditions and techniques to create soaps entirely from scratch. And along that line of thinking, we like to introduce you to other all natural products on our blog that may be of interest to you.